TBM Seminars (Total Body Modification)

When chiropractic was founded, it was based on the philosophy of health care through the treatment of the energy of the spine and nerves.

Dr. Victor L. Frank, DC, NMD, DO, has taken that original philosophy and explored the possibilities of self-regeneration inherent in the human body.  He has found that if the right thing is done to the right body at the right time in the right way, miracles happen.  He has taken the techniques of the old chiropractic masters and combined them with modern technology.  He can now duplicate the corrections and the restoration to health that the old masters were able to achieve, but we can do them by intent and on a repeatable basis.

In TBM, we are able to test and correct most of the known body functions.  The human body is an integrated unit, and it doesn't always fit the logic that we have been taught in school.  Therefore, we have had to expand our thinking to accept the clinical responses that we achieve using TBM.  We find that body functions which we were taught were separate activities, in actuality, interact and communicate with each other in a myriad of complex pathways. 

TBM is a technique that eliminates road blocks so the body can heal itself.  TBM focuses on functional physiology, rather than cadaver physiology.  It will show you how the body works together as a unit not as individual muscles, organs and glands.  By using simple body points and an intact muscle TBM focuses on communication and cooperation between the various functions of health.  

We use a simple indicator muscle test and test points located throughout the body to determine the positive or negative function of that body.  It has been taught for the last few decades that all of the body functions are controlled by the biological computer within the body.  TBM has found that by using the test points and an indicator muscle, we can test the various computer programs within the system.  Then, using energetic and soft tissue corrections, we can re-align the function of specific computer programs, thereby restoring function and communication within the body.

D.D. Palmer said, "Too much or too little energy is pathology."  He was right.  If the body programs run too fast or too slow, pathology can develop.  TBM can normalize that flow of energy by balancing the body’s computer programs. 

It is with this technique that we can address allergies, degenerative diseases, pathologies, inflammation and much, much more.

                       ESM Seminars (Energetic Systems Maintenance)

                       Originally called:  Environmental Stress Management

The name was changed to keep up with today’s terminology

Energetic System Maintenance was founded by Dr. Victor L. Frank, DC, NMD, DO in 1991. Dr. Frank was asked by his patients how they could help maintain themselves between office visits. 

ESM uses 5-Elements, and other eastern philosophies to balance each and every body point, organ and function without the use of any medications, drugs or co-pays.  ESM will help open the roadblocks in your system so the body could begin to help heal itself just like TBM, but on a simpler level.

This is a tool for prevention, self-care and continued care of relatively minor problems 

                       NH Seminars (Natural Healing)

Natural Healing (NH) was founded in 1995, by Randall J. Frank, N.M.D, C.T.N., D.M., D.D.

Natural Healing is a unique and extraordinary technique developed by Randall J. Frank, with the basic premise of Functional Physiology. By activating the body’s own inherent healing capacity, this system supports the body’s ability to completely integrate all physiological systems at their intended capacity and function. Integrated physiological function is based on the communication capacity of the entire nervous system. The various stresses and traumas the body experiences or has been exposed to will compromise this communication. Subsequently, the body's choices for optimal or original function are significantly limited.

Through the use of muscle testing (MT) with body points and/or vials, NH technique detects imbalances in the body and then corrects these by providing the body with electromagnetic data streams of information that will restore communication and function. This information is preprogrammed into the vials and is accessed by the body when placed on the chest and specific body points are stimulated.

The NH vials are created based on the principles of quantum physics and utilize electro-magnetic programs to determine if the body is running properly or if it needs correcting. The vials are loaded with very specific techniques to test the body’s bio-computer and reestablish proper function when activated. The goal is to move past the nervous system’s present condition and return the body to its intended system of auto-diagnosis and then to auto-correction in order to attain optimal (ideal) function of the body. In addition, by doing so, restoring flexibility and adaptability to any given influences it may experience.

NH techniques are not time consuming for the doctor; application takes 1-2 minutes and reduces the overall treatment time to 5-6 minutes because NH facilitates delving into the root cause. This complements and enhances any technique the practitioner uses rather than making other techniques obsolete.

Alternative healthcare’s basis is the philosophy that the power that made the body can also heal the body. Natural Healing furthers this concept by giving the body an easier path leading to health.


The Tom Tam Healing System has popularized a form of energy healing; which utilizes acupuncture, energy healing and tuina for treating conditions which have proven to be difficult to treat by other methods.

The primary goal of this healing system is to remove the blockage which interferes with the proper functioning of the body. Certain blockages in specific areas indicate the area to be treated. This can be done in the individual setting or the class group environment.