When the body’s energy flows freely and vitalizes the cells of the organs, tissues, blood and bones at an optimal level, we are in perfect health. When this flow becomes blocked for any reason, the body cells, deprived of the essential life force, become weakened and eventually diseased.

To regain our health and wellbeing, we must begin by restoring our energy flow to a natural state of balance. Only when the energy system is repaired, the physical body will start healing itself. Holistic lifestyle choices will help you live your life in the best possible way.

Helping create a balance in your life

A natural way to be the best you can be 

The ultimate goal in attaining overall wellness is bringing and maintaining balance in your life. It is when we are imbalanced that everything goes awry.

Dr. Lorann Blaine, a Naturopath, Reflexologist, ESM Instructor, TBM Practitioner and Intuitive healer, takes a holistic approach helping to create a balance in your life. Finding "wholeness" through acknowledging, honoring, and healing all your individual parts (Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit) is the ultimate goal!

Lorann was born with a gift of intuitive wisdom that allows her to know when something is out of balance.  And through training, learning and practice, she has become proficient in assisting you on your path to being the best you can be.

She looks at the body as a whole.  We know that each part of the body is dependent on another part. If there is a blockage in any area (mind, body, Emotion and/or Spirit) it can effect another part.

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